Friendship & Dating Agency

We are a friendship and dating agency. This means we can help you find new matches for friendships or dating in a safe way.

As a member of Meet N Match, you will have a membership coordinator who will search for a match for you based on your application form. We will provide you with supported first dates or friendship matches and ongoing support throughout your membership.

We are not a dating site. We have real people managing your membership and matching you based on the things you tell us you are looking for.

We cannot guarantee that we will find you a match for a 1- meet up, but we also provide our members with opportunities for group meetings and have a monthly member only social event.

We ask you to be open and willing to meet new people and will support you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet ‘N’ Match is not a dating site, we are real people matching you with like minded companions. We provide support before, during and after a friendship match or date, and can advise and support you to continue dating or maintaining your new friendships. Our trained matchmakers and chaperones are with you every step of the way, from the initial contact, during your matches and we will follow up after your friendship match or date.

A chaperone is a trained person who supports our members on dates and friendship matches. Once we have found you a suitable match and both people have agreed to meet up, a chaperone will be allocated to you. The chaperone will make contact with you before your meet-up to confirm the arrangements and to check how you are feeling. They will meet you on the day and introduce you to the person you are meeting. They can help with practical issues, such as helping to read menus, or count out money, and emotional issues, such as what to talk about and what to do next.

Absolutely! The chaperone is there to make your experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible, but they are not on the date or friendship match with you. They will be at the venue that you chose, perhaps at another table if it is in a cafe or coffee shop. Other people will not know that you have a chaperone with you. If you also have support, your support worker or family member can also sit with the chaperone, so that you get an opportunity to talk to your match on your own.

We do everything that we can to try and find you a suitable match, however, there is no guarantee that we will find you someone. Some people are matched quite quickly, where other people have had to wait for a few months, and some people have not had a match found at all. Successful matches depend on who we have on our books, and also how open you are to meeting somebody. If you are too particular about what you are looking for, we may struggle to find that exact person. Be open about who you would like to meet, and how far you are willing to travel, you may surprise yourself and find the love of your life, or a lifetime friend!

We currently work in Lancashire and Greater Manchester, because after all, you don’t need a passport to travel across the North West.